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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon.
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i'm sarah caldwell. a big storage ago of some of bin laden left behind an audio tape with appraises revolts in the middle east. richard stengel is in egypt with details and more on how much influence of the al qaeda leader has on the arab world. >> it could be the last message of some of the lot may be for killed by u.s. navy seals. in the audio tape presumably be quarterback stan bin laden hailed the arab revolt that toppled regimes in tunisia and egypt and threaten leaders from libya to yemen. to the muslim world, we watch this great historic events and we share your joy and delight. congratulations for your victories, said a voice that was apparently osama bin laden's. for some of the lot and they have tried to jump on the bandwagon of the revolution and make himself more relevant. al qaeda had no part in the arab revolt which have been largely secular.
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but the arab world is showing little interest in the dead al qaeda leader's message. the audio tape was broadcast on aljazeera but only 20 minutes into the programming. the news wasn't followed by analysts or guests. for most people in the middle east, bin laden missed the revolution which made his strategy and message of political change through terrorism increasingly irrelevant. >> most people in this part of the world simply don't want osama bin laden to be associated in any way with the ongoing revolution. richard angle, cairo. >> news of the reported audio recording comes as president obama allies his vision of u.s. policy in the middle east. the president's speech focuses on new initiatives that would best support positive change in relations between the u.s. and middle east. today's speech comes during a week of intense middle east diplomacy, including an zero awful -- all office visit from jordan's king of della. tomorrow president obama will
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welcome is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in the meantime, the unrest and the malaise continues after a series of bomb blasts killed at least 22 people -- and injured dozens more. authorities say at least three bombs went off today and the city of -- one appeared to be a trap that lord police officers. most of the dead and wounded. to be police officers. baltimore city councilman carl stokes publicly announces his bid to seek the top elected office. he says he will run for mayor of baltimore this fall. it comes days after he posted his intent to run on his face the page. he says the city needs to refocus on neighborhood improvement. >> we are running for our communities and our neighborhoods. we want our communities and their neighborhoods to get the same services that they get on the harbor. >> stokes has not filed the
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necessary paperwork declaring can deceive. he says an official announcement will come at a later date. starting today you will be paying more for water if you receive service from baltimore city. board of estimate input -- approved a 9% hike. the mayor says the increase will help pay for federally mandated infrastructure improvements. opponents say fixing the estimated billing system could find the necessary improvements. >> certainly have some wet and stormy weather the past few days. today is no exception. it has been quiet so far but we do have rain to the west, thunder and lightning to the north of pennsylvania. primarily west of the day, scattered showers on the doppler radar. also clouds in there. fewer clouds on the eastern shore right now, and little sun trying to break through. that will help keep the atmosphere up a little bit. switching to the main computer
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-- how much rain have we had? green shaded areas north of the city up to an inch of rain. also in howard and carroll county, same. everyone else less than a half- inch of rain. today's rain fall -- well, we will be on the lesser side. we may get as much as a half inch in some areas. the heavier rain the next 24 hours appears to be set up in the computer for areas north, up in pennsylvania or so. this is the radar from yesterday afternoon around 2:00, down around cambridge, south of annapolis right near the bay. you see the thunderstorm clusters. i pointed out with an arrow the little finger at the bottom, the storm cell. it seems to indicate a funnel cloud of we did get a picture from a viewer -- but nothing confirmed yet. it was a wild day yesterday. warnings out and a possible final. >> interesting to see it on that graphic, for sure. we would like to thank ulocal
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number john hanson who sent these pictures at the height of the storm in cambridge as dark clouds roll band. wbal radio got a call from one listener who said she saw what she believed was a fun of cloudy in jarretsville area. find out where the storms are headed and zoom in to where you want on the map. plus, we invite you to upload your picture -- on and click on weather. some of the biggest names in horse racing had a chance to share some lighter moments leading up to the big race. the time honored breakfast was held in the clubhouse on hold until top. black eyed susans were served along with a meal fit for kings in honor of the sport of kings. with this two days left until preakness, it is traditionally an opportunity for speeches and excuses. a two-time preakness' winning
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trainer is not ready to give his alibi. >> if i have an alibi -- you always have an alibi in racing. you don't have to invent one. >> the alibi breakfast dates back to the 1930's and now primarily an opportunity for the maryland jockey club to recognize those who made significant contributions. >> here we go. how cool is this? >> across one of the but that list. picture-perfect launch this morning. what is previous week without the celebration balloon festival? pilot mike mire of westminster took us up for the ride of a lifetime over the treetops of howard county. the balloon, named liz, was one of 20 hot air balloons and peering at the resort starting today through saturday morning. others include energizer bunny the loan, the tallest in the world, and the purple people eater.
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wbal-tv 11 is the only place you live your watch live coverage of the preakness stakes. the pre show begins this coming saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. dangerous dispute -- how one argument since two people to a carroll county hospital and lands 8 teen behind bars. we are answering your pet questions 0 e-mail or post it to our website case dismissed. anne arundel county contractor anne arundel county contractor acquitted from stealing
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prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. >> and westminster teenager is in police custody after a double stabbing in carroll county. it happened around 7:15 p.m. last night on pennsylvania avenue. investigators say a 14-year-old girl stabbed a 15-year-old girl in the back with a steak knife during an argument over a boy. when the victim's sister tried to come to her aid, she was stabbed. both systems -- sisters taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. authorities tried to figure out what caused this crash between two buses in severn. school bus and department of aging bus collided near park west drive. investigators say no passengers were on either bus at the time
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but a 61-year-old man was taken to shock trauma with serious but not like riding injuries. a judge tosses the case against an anne arundel county contract. prosecutors say greg hages scam people for an finessed home- improvement but his defense attorney argued his client did not intend to steal. >> i am not surprised by the verdict. i think it is the degree case it was pretty clear from the onset this would be a civil matter of parrot -- matt. or attempting to bring it in criminal court. >> more than a dozen homeowners filed a complaint between -- against bay area design and build, saying they were out nearly $1 million for poor work and stop orders. one homeowner says she will continue to work changing home- improvement laws. dr. kim hammand from falls river bed hospital is here to answer press questions.
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-- pet questions. washing away -- more residents bracing for the worst as the flood waters in the mississippi sweep away communities. >> it has been with us all week long and still spinning overhead and eventually it will pull out. we will check the time table coming up. showers and area now, at the airport 68.
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>> dr. kim hammond joins us from falls road animal hospital. we have a beautiful tabby. >> this is a siberian forest cat. lookup pretty. -- look how pretty. >> hairy paws. >> just an absolute fabulous kitty. it is a kitten and they are new
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and up-and-coming little breed. biting me -- not much bigger. purfect pat, a great little animal. >> recently saw an ad in a pet magazine for a calming code for hite for dogs. >> it is about a scam, and did not buy it. >> what is it? the kind of coat you put on a dog to go outside for the winter? >> there are a lot of herbal impregnated devices -- whether a shampoo or material, and those herbal imprecations are supposed becoming but in humans they are, but in dogs, no. >> they respond differently. >> calms the owner but not the dog. >> donate the money to a shelter. >> every time i use icy hot, my
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cat licks it from my body. can it be dangerous? icy hot -- that has camphor. >> shaq uses it at the kids out the basketball court. it worked perfectly on his knee. no, it is not good. it interesting thing about cats, they cannot sit things out. they have little barbs on the tongue and when they put things in the amount they are obligated to swallow. really dangerous. do not use it. >> where are the best dog parks and baltimore? >> i think robert e. lee park, hands down the best dog park. >> thank you for joining us. and if a pet questions e-mail to -- also send it to pet questions --
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>> communities washing away, as mississippi flood waters target final destination, southwest louisiana. j. gray is in a small town as residents prepare for what is to come. >> flood waters continue to take over parts of vicksburg, mississippi. farm land is filling up. neighborhoods washing away. >> it will probably be late june to report people can even see their homes. >> and now, as the water moves down river, the effects of being felt here in south louisiana. >> everyday lives are totally disrupted and turnaround and will never be the same. >> michele mcinnis is packing up and pulling out, moving to higher ground. >> when you have this amount of water,, you should never relax. you should be on your guard, you should be prepared. >> preparations for tommy gerard
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means stripping his home, grabbing necessities and writing things out on his boat out back. as the botat rises, he will be able to watch for looters. >> stealing a piece of 2 ft. copper, and accosting as $3,000 to repair. we are ready for that. they come looking for copper, they are going to find lead. >> ominous warning, almost as serious as the water that could be on the way. >> now, you're 11 instaweather plus forecast. >> looking at the doppler radar. here is baltimore in the beltway. here is 95. here is the day. some sun breaking through on the eastern shore. cloudy here. a little bit of rain was the baltimore county, howard county, showers. it reaches out toward frederick. you get to pennsylvania of of of
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the logo, and there is thunderstorm activity. a severe thunderstorm watch is just been issued for pennsylvania just north of america online and parts of the jersey for the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening hours. it just went into effect. york county, lancaster county, adams counted. let's look at, and temperatures. the sun trying to break through on the eastern shore where temperatures jumped to the low 70's. pretty cloudy elsewhere so -- a little cooler further west where the clouds of the victor. it is only in the 50's of the far western maryland. pollen count is down because of all of the rain we had. moderate rain, a tree pollen, low range for grass and -- pollen california in general, the total is moderate. mold spore counts, low right now. wait until the sun breaks out. those plants will get active again. the storm system -- bay area of low pressure. one low right over the potomac
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river near washington and the other out in near detroit. this kind of dumbbelling are rounds to new england slowly. all of the heavy rain streaming in yesterday is now over the atlantic but now we have stuff coming at us from the southwest with this low over us. it looks like we will have to put up with the rain chance for 24 hours or so before the rather large and slow-moving system finally gets far and away from us that we can break into some of the drier air enjoying closer to the gulf. notice stormy weather in the central part of the nation as well. it probably plays into the forecast a little later. today's forecast, very bleak love it. in some areas getting a few sunbreaks and others are overcast. chance of showers and storms and some storms could be heavy or severe. we have the watch just issued in pennsylvania for this afternoon and evening. burial vault -- variable winds, 10-15.
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in addition to the thunderstorm watch in pennsylvania, we have the flood advisories and watts is in effect generally west of the day today. coastal areas could see title flooding in early afternoon and then of course any rain that we get could potentially be heavy and cause flash flooding issues all the way out into parts of western maryland during this afternoon. on the day, when will be some other late 5 knots on average with 1-foot shop but any thunderstorms could produce stronger winds. bay water temperature mid to upper 60's. instaweather feature cast shows chance of scattered thunderstorms this evening but instead of coming in the southeast it would be more west and southwest. overnight we will actually clear out for a while before things change again. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy, showers and storms in the forecast and during the day tomorrow we could see another round of storms the war --
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before things finally clear out of which should be dry for the preakness. 73 today, 73 tomorrow with the rain chances. 75 on saturday with sunshine. now, your maryland lottery midday numbers. but first, and look at wall street and how it is performing.
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>> 5 this shows left in the farewell season of auburn and coming up today at 4:00 the ultimate renewing -- oprah. and more unforgettable guess,
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today at 4:00 on an all new "oprah." a live look at president obama as he lays out new initiatives to help improve relations between the youth of this in the middle east. coming up tonight at 5:00, we outlined the steps it plans to take. travel trends -- will the road to be passed this summer? aaa has a prediction. and a new tool to help cut down on travel expenses. that and more when you join us tonight at 11 is at 5:00. now maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> time for those mid-day numbers for thursday, may 19. pick 3. 7, 7, and a final number is, 7. chervil 7. up next, pick 4. at first, play keno and when a
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free -- visit your favorite retailer. promotion ends may 22. this guy, manager james patrick. pick 4. 7, 6, as printed on the ball, 2, and a final number in the pick 4 game -- 0. 7620. maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> one last look at the forecast. >> could see another round of thunderstorms during the day and as a mentioned the thunderstorm watch is in effect up in pennsylvania until 8:00 this evening. 73 today and tomorrow. arrange dances up there. but by saturday and sunday we should see sun with temperatures in the mid 70's to near 80 by sunday. >> it will be so nice to see sunshine.
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the timing for preakness. thanks for joining us. join stan stovall and don hamilton tonight for 11 is at 5:00. -- 11 news at 5:00.
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